Creekside LLC provides consulting services to technology companies in various stages of development, to venture capital investors, and to governments worldwide seeking to expand their technology sectors.

Creekside LLC’s partners each have a successful track record in founding, launching and funding profitable companies around the world, and taking them through profitable exit strategies for the companies' investors. Together they have created hundreds of millions of dollars in shareholder value, and launched numerous highly successful consumer and business technology products.

Management experience

We have extensive experience in all aspects of senior management – from product development, to marketing, to finance and operations – at all stages of a company's life – from startup through IPO or acquisition.

Typically, Creekside is engaged by the company or its investors. Then we go to work on creating the maximum value for customers and shareholders, from basic tactics through long-term strategy. We help the management team (and investors) evaluate the current business, find new opportunities, clarify and execute product development, marketing and financial strategies – and eventually assist in implementing a successful exit strategy.

Our clients

We have worked extensively with numerous venture capital firms, and have broad contacts in consumer and business technology companies, as well as with commercial banks and major law firms focused on technology, venture capital and mergers & acquisitions.

Globally, we have particular experience in bringing consumer technology to new shores. We have worked with numerous companies and government agencies – in Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Asia – to expand their markets beyond their borders, with a focus on gaining access to the North American market.

Our services include:

· Strategic Development
· Product Development
· Marketing and Brand Identity
· Distribution
· Business Development
· Online Distribution & Marketing
· Capital Strategy/Fund Raising Online
· Exit Strategy



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